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Predictive Modeling Toolkit

The Predictive Modeling Toolkit (PMT) is a software toolkit for those who need to realize the full value of their structured data:

  • Researchers seeking to develop intelligent systems from large corporate data warehouses
  • Credit risk analysts wanting more accurate risk-based pricing models
  • Professional traders looking for superior technical trading signals
  • Database marketers in need of better response and cross-selling models
  • Internet retailers desiring to improve their product recommendations
  • Software developers seeking to add intelligence to their applications

The PMT helps you unlock the untapped value of your structured data by converting your data into more accurate predictions and more profitable decisions. Unlike other packages, the PMT is designed by modelers for modelers to solve difficult real-world prediction problems. Skilled users can quickly and easily build predictive models that perform well in new situations.

The PMT provides proven predictive modeling techniques that are not available from any other commercial software vendor. It can be used by itself as your only data mining package or as the ideal complement to existing data mining software.