Mnemonic Makes Information Valuable

If you are in the business of information--generating, collecting, integrating, aggregating, or analyzing large bodies of important data--you know the difficulties that complex and imperfectly sorted information present. Outdated conclusions. Misinformed decisions. Wasted time. Lost opportunities.

At Mnemonic, we can help you realize the full value of your information, whether structured or unstructured.

  • Our information relevance models help you get the right information to the right people at the right time. They automatically learn to prioritize, categorize, monitor and summarize large volumes of unstructured textual information according to the unique requirements of individual users.

  • Our predictive modeling toolkit helps you turn your structured historical data into accurate predictions and profitable decisions, from one-to-one direct marketing campaigns to financial market trading strategies.
We believe our products provide the most effective information management tools available.