Socratic teaching uses queries to rediscover knowledge that is present, but forgotten or obscured. Mnemonic software similarly employs your queries to mine, filter, and realize the value of your information.


At the core of our software is a proprietary technology that learns to make more accurate predictions by combining any type or amount of potentially relevant information without making unwarranted assumptions. Our technology quickly produces predictive models that perform well in new situations.


To realize the commercial potential of recent innovations in predictive modeling, Dr. Eric Sven Ristad, a National Science Foundation award-winner and MIT PhD, founded Mnemonic Technology in January 1997. He currently serves as CEO. While a professor at Princeton University he developed new statistical methods for human language technology.

Mnemonic's software was first packaged and sold commercially to respond to the vast knowledge management needs of large data-driven organizations, ranging from data warehousing and knowledge management solution providers to media companies, market research firms, and e-commerce sites.

Our software has been used to find a thimbleful of relevant information in an ocean of irrelevant information; to permit more accurate direct marketing campaigns; to price credit risk for consumer debt and set loss reserves for asset-backed securities; to price futures contracts; and to deliver a tailored image of a retailer's product base to e-shoppers.

 Our satisfied clients include Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies, and we are ready to help you--and your customers--maximize the value of your information.